Thursday, 22 November 2018

Choir dates

Important Choir Dates

Monday Nov. 26th
  - Voices 41 at BS M.J. Fox
  - Lunch show run through (11:40am)

Tuesday Nov. 27th
  - Rehearsal - Lyric test (Stand By Me and Deep Peace)

Thursday Nov. 29th
  - Rehearsal - Lyric test (Santa`s Coming For Us)

Tuesday Dec. 4th
  - Program Run - Castle, Falling, Deep, Stand, Santa

Thursday Dec. 6th
  - Morning 8am Rehearsal (Santa`s Coming For us) with Jazz Band
  - Evening concert at 6:30pm

Items up for raffle at our upcoming Winter Performance December 6th

Wednesday, 21 November 2018


Poinsettia forms are out now!  Please hand them back to Mr Axford by November 29th.  Pick up will be December 13th after school. 

Winter Concert December 6th at 630pm

Dear Parents/Guardians,  
The music department will be holding its scheduled Winter Performance on December 6, 2018.  This is a great opportunity to hear all the ensembles perform and support the wonderful musicians of Byrne Creek Community School.  It will be held at the school in the atrium at 6:30pm.  Doors will open at 6pm and the event should be concluded by 9pm.  Entrance is by donation.
Set up and clean up
On the day of the event, all students will be required to set up and take down equipment.  Our music council members will be assigning responsibilities to the various classes and it is expected that all students complete the assigned task before leaving at the end of the performance.  Students will receive a mark for participating in the event and completing their respective duties as assigned by the music council.  If there is a reason that any student should be excused please e-mail me ahead of the event (please not the day of) since missing it will result in a zero.    
Raffle draw
We will have a few prizes to win including an electric guitar (donated by Neil Douglas Guitar shop) and a gift basket from Chilliwack River Honey.  Tickets will be sold before the performance and at the intermission.
Concert Dress
Students will be asked to wear a particular outfit for the performance. 
·         Grade 8 band students will be wearing white tops (dress shirt preferred, no T-shirts), black bottoms including shoes, socks and pants/skirt.  Please no running shoes or jeans.
·         Intermediate Band and Senior Wind Ensemble will be wearing all black, please no jeans or t-shirts.  Just think dress up, ties are optional, but all black. 
·         Choir will be all black but with red highlights.  These highlights could come in the form of a tie or bowtie, a scarf, nylons, shoes etc.

Any questions regarding the concert, please contact me at  Looking forward to seeing you all at the show!
Description: Kyle Sig.pngRegards,

Mr.K Axford

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Listening samples

Links to the new music are now up on the soundclips page.  Enjoy!

Monday, 10 September 2018

Welcome back everyone!

First full Senior winds rehearsal Monday September 10th at 3:15pm

First Jazz Band rehearsal Tuesday September 11th at 730 am

First full Choir rehearsal Tuesday 11th at 3:15pm

Grade 8's- Please get your timberline forms and money asap, you can pay online on the Byrne creek website.