Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Happy Canada Day and a farewell I wish I could have had in person.

Happy Canada Day Everyone!  I have posted the virtual ensemble video on teams.  Here is a link.  

Some of you have also heard that I will not be returning to Byrne Creek next year, to many of you this will come as a surprise.  I accepted a position in the last week of school to be a part of the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University.  This is an exciting opportunity for me to develop new skills and face new challenges.  A lot of you will know that continuing my growth as a musician and educator are of great importance to me.  This next adventure is a bit scary but also very exciting.  If it scares you a bit then it is often the world’s way of saying to do that thing (obviously with the exception of hurtful or illegal things), for me this is that thing.  Dust off the old brain and become better, never stop learning and never stop challenging yourself.  A past teacher of mine told me to "do something you are bad at everyday".  Doing what is only comfortable and easy does not improve your skills; just as only lifting the easy weights at the gym or playing all of your video games on the beginner setting does nothing to your skills, maybe just your ego.  You have all heard me make similar claims in class, now it's my turn to take my own advice.  Keep practicing, keep creating, keep sharing and keep the community spirit alive in the music department.  It is your department; I was given permission to be a part of it for 6 years, but like I’ve always said, "who is responsible for a great show?  You are".  Thank you for letting me be a part of the music program at Byrne Creek, the memories and experiences I have had and shared will be a part of who I am for the rest of my life.  It has been a privilege and an honour to be your teacher. 


Monday, 11 May 2020

Self Assessment and Practice Log

Due June 1st but start now!

Every students needs to submit this form once.  If you are in multiple classes then please add multiple responses where necessary.  For the final question please only upload 1 response (Sr Jazz will submit the final jazz standard playing test, Grade 12 band students will submit the Pomp and Circumstance).  If you are in multiple music classes you get to pick what class your final response is for.  This form will require some actions so please do not leave it until the end of the month, that will be too late.  Read through it now and start working on the responses right away.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Music Department Checklist

Music Department Checklist
April 2020

To all Byrne Creek Music Department Students:

Please ensure that you are able to check each one of these boxes.  If you are unable to have each one checked by the end of this week please e-mail me and let me know where the problem is.  I hope to connect with everyone this week and begin working within these multiple platforms.  If you are unable to access one of these resources please contact me and I can either help you with the concern or make alternative plans for your course work. 

  o   I have access to my instrument and have been practicing each day

  o   I have access to my class folder, music and method books

  o   I have access to Microsoft Teams and have been checking for updates weekly

  o   I have checked for blog updates weekly at

  o   I have registered and added myself to a class at

  o   I have looked through and read all documents/assignments and exercises available. (teams,      smartmusic, blogspot)

  o   If I am ever confused about an assignment I will email Mr. Axford

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Important Toronto Refund Information

Please read the following message from our travel company regarding the refund process.  I will be sending e-mails with this information this week and contacting parents by phone.  Please let me know if you have questions or concerns at

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

We have begun the claims process with Manulife on behalf of Byrne Creek Community School. To finalize the claim, the legal and claims departments at Manulife Insurance Company and Active Care Management requires an authorization release from every participant on the trip (or a parent/legal guardian if the participant is 18 years or younger). We have approval from Manulife to acquire the authorizations electronically through a secure and customized link for ease of process. This form directs the insurer to reimburse Ellison Travel & Tours any and all approved funds related to the claim. We will then in turn reimburse the school 100% of the benefits issued by Manulife.  

Please see instructions below on how to complete the online form and by what date.  Only once ALL authorizations are received can Manulife finalize the claim and release the insurable funds. The form will take approximately 1-2mins to complete and is accessible on any electronic device including a phone, computer and/or tablet.  

Students (18 years of age or younger): 
·         a parent or legal guardian must complete the required information on behalf of the student 
·         enter the legal name of your child (or children) as it appears on their passport 
·         all fields are mandatory  
·         you must hit submit at the bottom of the form, once you have clicked submit you will receive a confirmation message saying that your form has been submitted 
Students/Travellers (19 years or older) 
·         you may complete the form yourself 
·         when Question #4 asks you for your child's name please enter "Not Applicable" 
·         enter your legal name as it appears on your passport 
·         all fields are mandatory  
·         you must hit submit at the bottom of the form, once you have clicked submit you will receive a confirmation message saying that your form has been submitted 

Find your custom form: ONLINE FORM 

DUE DATE: All electronic authorizations must be submitted no later than  April 24, 2020. If we are missing even one form, the claim cannot be finalized. This step is vital to the claims process and we ask for your cooperation in support of the group claim. 

Once all electronic forms are collected the claim is submitted and the school can expect a wait time of 8-12  weeks to receive the insurable funds. 

Ellison Travel & Tours and Manulife continue to work diligently on a large number of claims at this time. We appreciate your continued patience. 

Please direct all questions to your appointed group administrator. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,  

Jenn Burling

Friday, 3 April 2020

Practice Resources Update

Much more information coming in the next week.  I have created a first round of exercises (1 through 13) on the practicing resource page.  Dust off those instruments and start checking out the materials that will be posted there.  Right now it's important that you just play, play whatever, try out the exercises I uploaded.  But right now just make some noise and have fun.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

April 2020 Update

Please keep checking the blog and your e-mails for updates on classes, projects and assignments.

There will be important information on the Toronto tour cancellation and procedures moving forward.

I wish that we could get back to rehearsals as scheduled however things will be different.  I have been working on some great ideas moving forward so stay tuned!  ...pun intended.

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Updated Toronto Information

Here is a draft of the Itinerary for our May trip.  Some details are yet to come and everyone will be provided a confirmed itinerary in April.   

Toronto Draft Itinerary 

All Toronto tour participants should be prepared to play all repertoire by our first scheduled rehearsal on April 2nd.  The music allocations are provided in the second link and students should be currently practicing parts. Listening sample are on the sound clips tab.  

Toronto Rehearsal Schedule